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Spartan Design Tiles

GFRC Backer Mix SD

GFRC Backer Mix SD

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Spartan Design SD Series (Backer) mix is a high fiber load GFRC mix. It is a single component blend that includes everything needed to make a very high-strength backer. Being a one component mix, we have taken the complicated weighing process of individual components out of the equation, so all you need to do is add water and fibers. This mix is a great solution for doing horizontal and vertical parts at the same time when pouring an SCC mix is not an option. Great for doing multi-level and change in surface and wanting to keep the same thickness and cut down on weight and parts can be made to ½" to 5/8” thick and still have a compressive strength of 21,0000 PSI @ ½" thick. This mix is designed to be used in conjunction with our Face coat mix.  Comes in Gray/White


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